WalkWell Insoles: Fitting and Usage Guide

Fitting Your Insoles

Size Selection: Choose insoles that match your shoe size. If in doubt, select one size larger as they can be trimmed for a perfect fit.

Removing Existing Insoles: If your shoes have removable insoles, take them out to make room for your WalkWell insoles.

Checking Initial Fit: Place the WalkWell insoles inside your shoes to check the fit. The insoles should lie flat without any curling or bending.

Trimming (If Necessary): If the insoles are too long or wide, use scissors to trim them. Trim gradually, checking the fit after each adjustment. Use the original insoles as a template for trimming, ensuring not to cut too much.

Inserting the Insoles: Slide the insoles into your shoes, ensuring they lay flat. The heel of the insole should align with the heel of the shoe, and the front should lie smoothly under the toes.

Using Your Insoles

Break-In Period: It's normal to need some time to adjust to new insoles. Start by wearing them for a few hours a day, gradually increasing the duration of use.

Activity Alignment: WalkWell insoles are designed for various activities, from daily walking to sports. Ensure you're using the appropriate insole type for your activity.

Regular Checks: Periodically check the condition of your insoles. They may need to be repositioned or adjusted for optimal comfort.

Cleanliness and Care: Keep your insoles clean for extended use. Hand-wash them with mild soap and air-dry, avoiding direct heat sources.

Listen to Your Feet: Pay attention to how your feet feel. Discomfort or pain may indicate the need for a readjustment or a different insole type.

Replacing Your Insoles

Life Expectancy: WalkWell insoles typically last up to 12 months with regular use. Replace them when they show significant wear or if comfort decreases.

Regular Replacement: Regular replacement of insoles is recommended to ensure continuous support and comfort for your feet.